Only for webinar participants:
Solo ads system, which allows for reliable online income from anywhere!(some people make up to 100 thousand dollars per year)

You do not need any prior knowledge in order to attend this course. Intended for complete beginners and for those, who already make money online.

Everyone can increase their online income with our verified system!

Who is Solo ads intended for?

All individuals, who would like to make more money online using a verified method that works. You do not need any prior knowledge in order to attend this course. Intended for complete beginners and for those, who already make money online.

You will receive all information from A to Z

It includes more than 150 pages of text and slides with bonuses, more than 25 video recordings. You can copy the exact system that works. It also includes texts and tools you can use in order to make money online with little work.

Why should you start using Solo ads system for guaranteed online income as soon as possible?

With Solo ads, you can generate a guaranteed online income, because it includes resale of quality services by verified providers (solo providers) and sale with profit on a world-famous platform (Udimi) or in specific Facebook groups. This is an online business that requires little time (only a few hours perf week) and little investment (you can start even if you have less than 100 dollars). The whole Solo ads system was written and presented in a video recording with concrete instructions by one of the world-famous experts in this field, Matija Balantič, and is available exclusively on this website for a limited period of time and only for webinar participants. Matija Balantič’s students from the entire world make up to 100 thousand euros of profit per year using this system.

About the author of the Solo ads system (exclusively on our website):

Matija Balantič, world-famous Solo ads expert

He comes from a small village (Milje pri Kranju) and he started his first online business, when he was still employed at an airport and made only 600 euros per month. Today, after several years, he makes more than 10 thousand euros of online profit per month and is considered one of the best-known people in the world who uses Solo ads system in practice. He lectures all over the world, he personally socialized with the most successful people who earn money online. He tested numerous ways to make money online and he found methods that are guaranteed to work. He visited at least 30 countries in the world. He works wherever and whenever he wants. He has student from all over the world who pay even more than thousand dollars in order to get his knowledge. He wrote and presented in a video recording his entire Solo ads knowledge exclusively for this website.

About the webinar lecturer

Žan Nekrep, Master of Business Studies

He is considered one of the most renowned Slovenian experts for making profit online. He is the author of several books, has completed more than 100 projects and has 15 years of experience with business in different industries. His lectures were watched online by more than 50 thousand Slovenian people. He invites to Slovenia the world-famous experts: Grant Leboff, Manny Fernandez, Vin Clancy, Azriel Ratz etc, He is also one of the most successful Slovenia people regarding Facebook and Google advertising. He sells products in the US and Canada in the world’s largest online retailer Amazon. For some time, he was also the largest advertiser on Youtube in Slovenia. He has several companies in Slovenia and abroad. In Slovenia, he sold one of the most successful brands.
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In Solo ads package, you will receive several simple and quick instructions in order to increase your online income.

What will you learn in a special Solo ads package that guarantees income?

Personal system for online income from on the biggest world-known experts, who comes from Slovenia and did not receive any publicity there. This system constantly brings him more income for over 10 years (at least 100 thousand euros of profit per year).

What do I have to pay attention to before starting with Solo ads in order to achieve at least 4 times better results and bigger income than others (with actual examples)

What kind of free strategy to use on Facebook in order to earn quickly and easily with Solo ads (concrete examples by Matija Balantič and students who earn thousands of euros every month!)

Concrete examples of students who went from 0 to 100 thousand of online income using Solo ads system for a short period of time (you can copy their system and customize it in order to earn a high income)

An example of income with Solo Ads – one week

Potential earnings of students with Solo ads system

Actual income of Žan Nekrep in a few days of testing Solo ads system from Matija Balantič:

Mark Anastasi, author of the world-famous book, who went from being homeless to becoming a millionaire, and Matija Balantič:

Matt Bacak, digital marketing legend. He owns companies, worth millions of dollars, and has more than 100 thousand followers across the world. With Matija Balantič:

John Cornetta, co-founder of Groove Funnels platform and lecturer, with Matija Balantič:

Eric Zbegner

with help from Matija Balantič, he went from 0 to 100 thousand of online income with Solo ads in one year:

What are opinions of ordinary people from Slovenia which made money online with help from Matija

"We are Miloš and Mojca from Maribor. We started using Solo ads at the beginning of last year as complete beginners. Matija showed us the whole procedure and quite early on, we started developing our business and selling clicks via our website, Facebook and Udimi. With this, we have been also building our e-mail contact list. We spent 30-60 minutes per day for this and this is completely enough for us to handle the whole business. We are already independent at work; however, Matija always stands by our side and helps us. We can't imagine that we would have built such a successful business without his help, for which we are extremely grateful."
Luisa Ortiz:
Moses Fraser:
Domen Campa:
Shaun Pope:

Take the opportunity and earn money online quickly with a verified Solo ads method.

Some tactics presented in the content are not written anywhere else in the world and were personally discovered by Matija Balantič from the best world-famous experts on online earning

Satisfaction guarantee!
In case you are not satisfied with Solo ads within 30 days of purchase, we will return the money without questions. .


For all individuals, who would like to make more money online using a verified method of selling services that you buy for a cheaper price by a verified solo provider and resale of services for a more expensive price using the world-famous Udimi platform or specific Facebook groups. In Solo ads package, you will receive concrete instructions for immediate online income in a text and video format by one of the world's best experts in this field. The package is available for a limited period of time only on our website and exclusively for webinar participants. The author of the package has been earning money using this system for more than 10 years, and he has students who earn up to 100 thousand of income using this system. The system requires little time (only a few hours per week) and little investment (less than 100 dollars).
Matija Balantič prepared the content in a way that you can make money in the same day that you start using Solo ads. However, on average it takes a few days to earn your first income. If you follow the concrete instructions from A to Z, it is possible to make money in a few hours of using Solo ads system.
The content is intended for complete beginners as well as for those, who already make money online. If you want to increase your online income with a verified method by a world-famous expert who has actual results, then the Solo ads package is for you.
You can learn everything on your own. The author spent five years of his life, invested at least 50 thousand euros for courses and trainings, made a lot of mistakes, tested several strategies etc. It depends on how much you value your time and money.
We believe that you will find the Solo ads package phenomenal in order to earn money online, because Matija Balantič has been preparing the package for several years and now it is available exclusively for webinar participants. He's been improving the whole package along with his students from all over the world for several years. Because we strongly believe in Matija Balantič's knowledge and experience and because of him being the world-famous expert for Solo ads with students who make up to 100 thousand of income per year, we will return the money without any questions, in case you will not be satisfied within 30 days from the purchase.
For additional questions or information, we are available at e-mail or phone number +386 40 242 248.
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